Happy World Spine Day

October is National Chiropractic Month and today, October 16, 2019 is World Spine Day! I’ve been intending to get back to posting online and today seems like the perfect day to start. This also marks the 1 month anniversary (or maybe monthiversary) of opening my new practice in Lindon, Utah! I love being here and I’m so grateful for the office I was blessed to find. If you haven’t yet, please visit our new Photo Gallery to see picture of the new office. Feel free to let us know what you think.

I love being a chiropractor and find great joy in helping others to feel better and improve their quality of life, through the work that I do. It is often miraculous and always amazing to me when patients come in with serious issues and leave feeling relief of pain and improved function.

World Spine Day 2019

So, I just want to wish you all a very happy World Spine Day and if you’re not feeling your best, I recommend that you make an appointment with a chiropractor soon. It will be worth it!

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